Last week i finally moved from Rostock to Weimar. I always wanted to move far away from home and go out visit the world. But back then, when I just finished school and were about to start a training, I somehow was still to afraid to go far away from home. So now this was somehow the second step away from home.

I used the last week to make myself comfortable with my new home and finally recovered my stressed wrist. In the end I was able to finish a commission that I still got left and my oil painting, which I started in February. I originally made it for the qualifying examination to study art but weren’t are to finish it in time.

Since I got declined on the qualifying examination for “being too mainstream” with my art, so to speak, I had to come up with an alternative. Well my father suddenly wanted to support me financially, if I were to study the same thing that he did. And now I am here in Weimar and will study engineering. Tomorrow will be my first day and I’m a bit excited. But I guess things will go fine somehow, just as always.

Still I’m not planning to make out my life from something else than art. So I want to build up the base for becoming a self-employed artist while studying. I hope everything will work out. I want to learn as much as possible and want to have a great time, now that I finally can get my families POV’s out of my head. And I won’t fucking build the dreams of my dad. It pisses me off how much I did let dictate my life by him until now. Although that’s just his way to worry for the well being of his children and in the end he just want me to have a proper job. Thank you dad. Things are gonna get better. 😊