The last two weeks

Hello folks!

The last two weeks were so exciting and funny to me. I met so many new people from all over the country. So many different personalities and stories. I love people. It’s so interesting to see, how different everybody is and how many perspectives exist out there.

In the first week I met the people of my faculty, but also some of the architecture and media faculties. The tutors shew us the city, the university and the library. The library is damn huge and I’m looking forward to dig into all the books. I want to read so much about psychology and art. Luckily enough there are huge sections, which cover these topics. Though we pretty much just partied all day long and every single day in the first week, my skull feels like bursting from all the new information, names and stuff that I learned. We had some pretty funny events, like running through the city in groups and with a box of beer. Another day we went from station to station, fulfilling tasks and drinking with the tutors. There were also a couple of parties in clubs and discos. One day we did a pub crawl. It was so much fun, but after the first week I really had to rest.

In the second week the lectures started. Then I really started to feel, that I didn’t do math or physics for nearly four years. I was so desperate when I realized how much I forgot and have to learn now. But it’s coming all back piece by piece. It felt like my brain was grabbing really deep into my memories to pull out the needed knowledge again. So I got Headache again. Still, I really love the feeling of thinking through stuff and learning so much. But I just came again to realize, that I don’t want to do this stuff for ever or as my future job. The longer I spend time in the lecture, the more I feel the grind in my heart and head, for sitting there instead of working on my dream or painting at home. On the other hand it really motivates me to work even harder on my art and marketing stuff and to come up with so much new ideas. I hope I will be able to live as a self-employed artist as soon as possible! 😊