The Beginning

May you all have a beautiful good day! So this is finally my first blog post. I waited pretty long for it, but decided that it is time to start, before I never will do.

I guess I will just start roughly with the decisions I made this year and the goals that I set for myself and want to achieve. I will use this blog as a diary and also to share my deep thoughts, that I kept the most time of my life for myself.

So, well. This year a lots of stuff happened. In short, I decided to overthink my life and give it a new direction. A direction, that I was waiting for since I was a kid. At the age of 4 or 5 years I decided, that I one day will become an artist. Hopefully a great artist! Until this year, I always thought of my art, as not good enough yet, do get published and trying to market it. I always thought i had to improve more and more, to get to the levels of the already known artists. Even if I still didn’t reach the levels I am dreaming of, I made the decision in the beginning of this year, that it is time for me to give it a try and that I reached a level, where I can start to market my art and publish it. I met a lot of people this year who encouraged me and gave me the self-confidence to do so. I did a retreat to my home in a little village where I got raised and came up with a plan. I’m now working on building up a YouTube channel, an Instagram and Facebook Account and also started looking for platforms on the internet, where I can start selling my art. My goal is on the one hand to earn money with the thing I love to do and get a big audience, but on the other hand, I wish to make as many people as possible happy with my passion and the thing I love doing the most. Above all, I have a dream of getting a big positive impact on all the people lives out there.

Well, i know this won’t be easy and that there is a lot of hard work coming. And i guess it will take much time to build up this stuff. I hope that I will just bear with it and get through it. I will be grateful for every single support out there and do hope that you will help me reaching this goal!

I’m looking forward to the future!